The Owners - Bob & Jo

Survivors of a combined total of over 50 (ouch!) years of practising and teaching in the fields of management and marketing, we now live and breathe the sweet, fresh air of freedom and avoid the materialistic trappings of the West as much as we possibly can, living in a remote village in a largely unspoilt corner in southern France called the Razès.

More recently

Our arrival in France marked the dawning of a new era for us both as we left behind the over-busy and stressed out business world and embarked upon our own spiritual development. Through trying a myriad of ways to develop our spirituality, we discovered which routes did and didn't work for us, either individually or together.

Over the past ten years, we have spent much time happily de-cluttering ourselves. By this, we simply mean that we have attained a certain level of peace and tranquillity in our lives by looking at and seeing things differently, ridding ourselves of anger, fear and worries, finding serenity in the ever-changing world around us and avoiding getting caught up in the highs and lows of everyday life.

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For Bob, his journey has been about exploring means and ways of 'going within' - learning to see familiar things with new eyes, learning to be content with things just as they are, not feeling the need to change anything, enjoying sitting and being in peaceful contemplation in the quiet gardens.


jo Jo's spiritual approach to life largely (but not exclusively) takes her out into the living Razès countryside that surrounds us. She's out there every day, sometimes for long walks, sometimes for shorter ones, but always she comes back refreshed and energised after having spotted or observed some beautiful aspect of plant, tree, bird or animal life in all its vitality that she has not witnessed before.


Our Ethos

Our experiences bring all of us along a road of new learning and consciousness, some of which we take on board, and some we don’t. Some lessons and insights we assimilate naturally and without effort, others take longer. When we are ready, we move on again and explore new pathways and new practices. We evolve according to our soul desires and yet, we are often slowed by the mind’s capacity to resist or absorb the new. This holds especially true when the mind and soul are not in sync.