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Welcome to Pathways to Stillness and thank you for showing an interest in our publications. I say 'our' because without the support, cajoling and clarity of my wife Jo, I could never have written them.

Apart from relatively few books, stillness remains strangely on the fringe of writing and authorship and yet it is central to meditation, taking time out to explore the real inner self and way to finding inner peace.

To approach real stillness takes time and practice because there are always many factors appearing to side-track us, interrupt us or waylay us - moods, emotions, conditioning, fears, worries, the invasive clutter of a busy mind - to name but a few.



But we shouldn't worry about them; simply be aware of them, observe them and then let them go. It is perfectly normal for the majority of us to be besieged with busy mind clutter in this day and age. The trick, however, is in awareness. Once you have become aware of a mood or worry, you then know that mood or worry is not you and at that point you can dispel with it.

To dispel worry or mind-clutter, it can be helpful to stop and count slowly to ten or focus on the inhalation and exhalation of the breath or focus intently on one particular object, such as a candle, taking precedence over all other things.

Whatever you do, it's all aimed at reaching a state of inner peace whether that be for just a moment when you appear to be outside time itself, apparently nowhere and simultaneously everywhere.

The books we have put together serve to illustrate a number of ways and means of finding stillness and consequently moments of inner peace, however fleeting.



I wrote my first novel, Two Strangers, One Soul, not fully aware that I was groping to write about stillness. My second book, Leaves in the Stream, followed in a similar vein of discovery. By the time of my third novel, Pathways to Stillness, I finally knew what I had been searching to write about. The Sophia Dialogues ensued and tackled some hard core issues relating to finding stillness head on. Most recently in The Problem with Being Human, I have turned away from a fictional approach to describe different aspects which bring about 'un-stillness' and diverse ways in which to find your own inner peace in a world full of turmoil.

If you would like to get in touch with me with respect to any aspect of my books, I welcome your feedback or query.



Jo and I live in a remote village in the south of France where we also run a couple of gîtes for those who wish to simply relax and unwind or come on retreat and discover how to find their own routes to stillness. If you are interested, please Contact us.